Llanfrynach & Cantref Women’s institute

 Llanfrynach and Cantref Women’s Institute was founded in 1949. It was a sign of loyalty, longevity and good friendship that in 2009 when it celebrated its 60th anniversary four of its founder members were in the party.
We meet in Llanfrynach and Cantref Hall on the first Wednesday of each month, except August. There is always a bit of business to start with, followed by a speaker or activity, refreshments and a chance to chat. And though many of the members have been coming for years there are a good number of newish comers and more are always welcome.

                                      WI members at their Diamond Jubilee – 2009

One of the achievements of which the WI is proudest is the publication of the book
Where We Belong – Ein Cynefin – Life in the Beacons Then and Now – Bywd yn y Bannau – Ddoe a Heddiw.  This social history, packed with photographs, has been a huge success.  Copies are available in local shops and from WI members – price £10.00 which is donated to local charities.

Local WI celebrates the National WI’s 100th Birthday
An unusual and tasty cake was centre table at a service in Brecon Cathedral to celebrate the 100th anniversary. Baked by Llanfrynach WI member Pat Eckley, the recipe was found in a book of Brecon Recipes compiled in 1926 by Mrs Catherine Mary Davies, wife of Rev T Hywel Davies, Minister of Bethel Square Chapel, Brecon. Their son, Mr Gareth Davies, now retired and living in Llanfrynach gave permission to the WI to figure out the recipe for this Old Testament Cake, a tradition, which goes back hundreds of years – the cook has to solve the recipe riddle by looking up verses from the Bible, which reveal the ingredients. Pat’s “bake off” was a huge success.

Old Testament Cake

Contact: Mary Evans, secretary: phone 01874 665223 mob: 07931639125
Susan Brook, president: phone 01874 610010 email: sue@crofftau.co.uk

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